Cupcake Passion was started in early 2008 by mother and daughter team Val and
Kate Jewell. Both come from a long line of very talented cooks and bakers, and
have inherited their passion for food and feeding others from generations before them.

Val has spent many years baking for friends and family, and feeding anyone who
crosses her path. She is a mother of five, two of whom are chefs. Since her eldest (who
is now 32) was a baby she has been passionate about icing and cake decorating.

Kate is the second eldest and is a nutritionist
with a passion for food, nutrition and health. She has ensured that only the best and freshest ingredients, such as real butter, low fat dairy products, free range eggs, fresh fruit and citrus zests, homemade Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, and the highest quality chocolates and cocoa’s, are used in every cupcake.

Our cupcakes are available by pre-order 7 days a week.

Cupcake Passion®™ 2014
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