Stands To Purchase

Silver 3-tier cardboard cupcake stands are available for $15 ea.

Stands For Hire

Stand 1: Perspex round 7-tier stand (Hire: $35- Bond: $200)

Stand 2: Perspex round or square 6-tier stand (Hire: $30- Bond: $175)

Stand 3: Perspex round 5-tier stand (Hire: $25- Bond: $150)

Stand 4: Perspex square 5-tier stand (Hire: $25- Bond: $150)

Stand 5: Perspex round 4-tier stand (Hire: $20- Bond: $50)

Stand 6: Perspex round 3-tier stand (Hire: $15- Bond: $50)

Stand 7: Perspex square 3-tier stand (Hire: $15- Bond: $50)

Stand 8: Wire 23 cupcake stand (Hire: $5- Bond: $25)

Stand 9: Red wire 18 cupcake stand (Hire: $5- Bond: $25)

Stand 10: Three tier glass stand with crystal edges (Hire: $5- Bond: $25)

Stand 11: Wire three tier cake stand (Hire: $5- Bond: $25)

Stand 12: White wire two tier cake stand (Hire: $5- Bond: $25)

Conditions of hire:

* Stands will only be hired to clients ordering our cupcakes.

* A bond is required for each stand hired and will be refunded only if
the stand is returned in its original condition. Judgement of the stands
condition is up to the discretion of the hirer. If the stand is not returned, or
damaged beyond repair, the deposit will not be refunded. The stand is your responsibility from pick up or delivery, to the time at which it is returned.

*The stand must be returned to the hirer within 48 hours unless
otherwise arranged. A $5 per day late fee will be charged for each late day. If you
are unable to return the stand, pick-up may be arranged for an additional charge.

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