Cupcake Passion bake fresh daily with the freshest, finest ingredients ensuring
the highest quality, tastiest cupcakes possible. Not only do our cupcakes look gorgeous,
they taste amazing! We take no shortcuts, using various delicious recipes to ensure
that not only the icing on each cupcake flavour is different, but each actual cupcake
differs from the next (ie we are not simply icing the same plain vanilla cupcake with a
different icing)! Cupcake Passion cupcakes are handmade and decorated with love.
Our passion really does show in our cupcakes! 

Cupcake Passion can cater for your everyday cupcake needs, as well as for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events, high teas, valentines day, christenings, proposals, mothers day, fathers day, graduations, Christmas, Easter and anything else you can think of. Additionally, we participate in a number of fundraising activities for very worthy charities throughout the year- see the ‘calendar’ section for more details.

A few facts about Cupcake Passion cupcakes:

* Each cupcake is baked from scratch by us.

* We never, ever use prepackaged cake mixes!

* We are passionate about baking and decorating our cupcakes and would never outsource our cakes!

* We make our very own delicious vanilla extract using high quality

sweet Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.

* Our cupcakes are preservative free.

* All of our icing decorations are hand made by us.

* Our cupcakes are baked fresh daily in small batches.

* We never try to sell yesterday’s unsold cupcakes!

* Not only are our cupcakes elegant and beautiful, they taste divine too!

Cupcake Passion®™ 2014
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